Ace the ACT Writing

Welcome to your #1 resource for the best tips, strategies, practices, and tricks for acing the ACT Writing. Here you’ll find what no prep books or classes offer: a resource that is 100% devoted to the ACT Essay.

If you take our advice and follow the strategies that we provide, you are guaranteed to boost your ACT Writing score! More information about X-ray tech requirements and programs.



Few students realize the enormous impact the appropriate planning, practicing, and preparing can have on your ACT Writing score. The test is designed to assess your thinking more than anything else, so it is important that you train you mind to think in ways that other high school students aren’t. This page explains the difference between LPN and RN.

You can also cheat the test by making decisions about what to do before you even show up on test day. The more you have prepared in advance, the more you’ll be able to maximize those previous 30 minutes on the test. Learn more about best fat burners for women.



This is your big chance to make an impression and stand out from the rest of the crowd of writers. Don’t waste this opportunity with generic, boring information. Make sure that your introduction:
• Grabs your reader’s attention
• Introduces the context of your argument
• Presents your thesis



Here is the meat of your argument, and it’s vital that you present a progression of clear, logical reasoning along with some dynamite examples. Understanding the basic structure of your argument and how to make a powerful case is essential for packing a punch.



The Conclusion is not a boring obligation: it’s your opportunity to end with a grand finale, a final knockout punch. Learn the basic techniques that really drive home your argument and leave your reader with a lasting, positive impression.



You don’t want to just present your side of the story: it’s important that you can also prove why the other side is wrong! Fortunately, there are a wide range of easy-to-use phrases and structures that let you make writing complex arguments look simple.