You’re likely here because you understand that there’s a lot riding on your success on the ACT Writing score. Maybe all those essays you’ve written for school or those ACT prep books just haven’t been preparing you quite as much as you hoped.

Don’t worry. This site is designed to provide you with all of the information you’re looking for to make you feel confident and perform well on the ACT Essay. What may seem like a daunting task will become something that, oddly enough, you might even begin looking forward to.

Whether you’re curious what’s on the ACT Essay, how it will be scored, how it affects your overall ACT score, or just how to do awesome on it, you’ll find that information here.

Who I Am

My name is Jordan, and I’ve devoted loads of time to studying every ACT writing resource out there. I’m a teacher who has helped thousands of students improve their writing scores for the ACT and all kinds of other tests. I’ve read all the prep books, been trained as an ACT Writing grader, developed my own materials, and stopped at nothing to show any student how they can improve. Now I want to help you feel confident with your ACT Writing too.

On this website I have gathered all of my knowledge about what makes GREAT writing, and combined it with the unique task of having to compose a powerful essay for the ACT. These tips are all specially designed for the ACT Writing. They are guaranteed to lead you in the right direction, boost your score, and even help you with other non-ACT essays as well.

In addition to being a teacher and presenter, I’m also a professional writer. And I’m also sincerely worried that no website I’ve found, no prep course I’ve encountered, and no ACT book I’ve read at all comes close to giving you the advice you need to ace the ACT Writing. Most materials devoted to ACT practice are heavily focused on the four multiple choice portions, with only passing glances at the writing section. This is the only resource out there that fully devotes itself to the ACT writing, getting you the true ACT practice you need to succeed on this unique and under-appreciated section.

I guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Remember that no matter what your writing ability is, you CAN do well on the ACT Essay if you follow the advice!

I’m really excited to hear from you. If you have a particular question, or if I can provide something on this site that you feel would really help you, then definitely let me know! Contact me at admin@actwritingtips.com. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck!
Jordan Catapano