FIVE Phrases that Will Boost Your Score

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Believe it or not, the difference between a good score and a great one on the ACT Writing doesn’t come from profound and diverse upgrades.  You don’t have to be a genius to get a great score: you just have to know how to communicate well.  And the good news is that it is EASY to be a good communicator.  All you have to do is know the right phrases.


So, here you’ve got 5 powerful, easy-to-use phrases that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the average high school writer:



*Even though ____________ would say ________________, the truth is that _____________ .


*While many _____________ believe ______________, in actuality ______________ .


*Of course from ______________’s point of view _____________ is true; however, this is incorrect because _________________ .


*One of the reasons that _______________ think _______________ is because _____________, but they fail to consider _________________ .


*It is understandable that ______________ would argue ________________, but _____________.



Notice what all of these phrases have in common: they all deal with sharing other people’s opinion, then your own.  It’s simple, but powerful to include these phrases into your writing.  If you want the ACT Writing judges to recognize you and give you a good score, then incorporating phrases like these throughout your essay will get the job done.


What’s so special about these phrases?

The trick to these phrases is that they are acknowledging others’ viewpoints on an issue.  Notice how the formula is the same for each phrase?  It’s “What others think” followed by “What I think.”  This is a GREAT way of showing off how you aren’t a one-sided, narrow-minded punk kid.  Instead, you’re a sophisticated, mature communicator!

What these phrases do is quite powerful.  Instead of just giving your own opinion, you are showing how your opinion is better, more true, than others’.  This ultimately makes your argument more effective.  Since the goal of any argument is to make people agree with your perspective, then you must also make sure people see why other perspectives are wrong.  Everyone is entitle to their opinion, but when you show that your opinion is the best, then your argument becomes much more impactful.


Where can I use these phrases in my writing?

The good news just keeps on coming!  The truth is that these phrases are so easy to use, that you can use them just about anywhere in your essay!  Here is some advice on the best sports to put them:

Thesis Statement: Yes, you can in fact use a phrase formula like this in your thesis.  This shows that right away you’re able to demonstrate you know what others think, but that you are going to show how your idea is better than theirs.

Topic Sentences for Body Paragraphs: Topic sentences are like mini-thesis statements specifically designed for your body paragraphs.  So, like a thesis, it’s great to start by revealing multiple perspectives.

Within your Explanations: In each body paragraph you have explanations of your ideas.  Those explanations suddenly get stronger when you have something to compare them to.

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